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Amber Glass: Safe, Protective, Recyclable

When choosing the packaging for our formulas, we had 2 key goals we wanted to


1) Protect the integrity and efficacy of our products for as long as possible without the use of chemicals.

2) Be eco-friendly, recyclable & sustainable.

We formulate our products using only high-quality, meticulously researched USDA-approved 100% active organic ingredients, with the concentration to offer the maximum benefit to the skin. If we were to package in plastic, the active ingredients would eat away at the plastic, and those chemicals from the plastic would end up in the product! (Most plastics contain endocrine disruptors that can harm your health & hormones.)

Not All Organic Products Are Created Equally

A red flag for products labeled "Organic" is when they are packaged in plastic. This is an indicator that while the ingredients may not be harmful, it most likely will not have the concentration of active ingredients to make a difference and get the results you are looking for! Many "Organic" superfluous ingredients like waxes, fillers, and stretchers are used to expand the product and bring down production costs. The low concentration of active ingredients means they will not harm you from being packaged in plastic, but if you are looking for results, they will leave you disappointed.

We are a results-driven skincare brand. We carefully research and formulate each product with the precise amount of each ingredient to produce actual results in your skin that you can feel and see! We don't use "fillers" and “stretchers” or the chemical waxes, stabilizers & preservatives found in most products. We use one preservative in the products that need one, and it’s EcoCert approved. This, along with the amber glass packaging, gives us a 1-year shelf life on most of our products. Some of our products like the Body Butters and Balms can last longer if they are kept in ideal conditions: A cool dark place.

Simply put, we don’t cut corners!

Why We use Amber Glass Bottles & Jars

All of the Beauty By Apothecary products are packaged in beautiful food grade amber glass jars and bottles that are fully reusable & infinitely recyclable.

Here are a few reasons why:

Amber glass, even though it's more expensive, helps to maintain the integrity & potency of our products by filtering out UV light that can damage certain botanical ingredients. In a study comparing amber glass to other colored glass options, amber glass absorbs the most comprehensive range of lightwaves in the light spectrum. Including UV rays. This means the product within the amber glass remains safe and unchanged.

Sustainable: It is one of the most eco-friendly options because it contains virgin materials. Clear glass can start to take on a green hue when recycled due to the added materials. Amber, however, can be recycled numerous times without any changes. It is infinitely recyclable. Additionally, amber glass is 40% less polluting than plastic when you recycle it. While plastic bottles are recyclable, the process releases more carbon emissions into the air. It's relatively easy to recycle amber glass using much fewer resources and energy.

Environmentally Friendly: Amber glass is not only environmentally-friendly but is also 100% non-toxic – making it ideal for environmentally conscious individuals & businesses. Plastic packaging accounts for 90% of all pollution in our oceans and can leach harmful chemicals into our all-

Organic products.

Re-useable & Recyclable: Amber glass is attractive, good for the planet, and adds a touch of nostalgia, being the traditional standard for cosmetic storage.

Because our Amber Glass packaging is so attractive & functional, many of our customers have repurposed it in their homes. They have been used to store ingredients, decorations, or even as flower vases; our customers are always surprising us with the innovative ways they reuse amber glass packaging. So, they aren't only practical and good for the environment but naturally lend themselves to creativity and beauty within the home.

We also made our product labels so that when removing, there is no sticky residue left on the glass, making it very easy to reuse or recycle them.

In October of 2021, when we finally moved out of our home office and into our new facility, we purchased a commercial sanitizing machine for recycling used jars and bottles. Our partner stores and locations encourage customers to bring the empty jars back to the store and give them a discount on their next purchase.

Recycling our jars, bottles, and other materials we use helps eliminate waste and decrease our carbon footprint.

Recycling Program

We encourage all of our customers to help us with this effort. If you purchase products from our website, keep the box. After you have used all the product within, set the jar or bottle aside in the original shipping box. Once you have accumulated at least 5 amber glass containers, send them back to us. We will send you a code for $20 off your next order.

Send your empty jars to:

Attn: Beauty By Apothecary

4287 East University Dr.

Unit 1D

Princeton, TX 75407

Thank you for taking care of yourself and our environment!

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