The Nº30 Facial Serum is designed with many of the same properties in mind as the Nº20 with a few additional oils from nature.Stress, diet, hormonal fluctuations, lack of sleep all can wreak havoc on your skin! Our #30 Serum is a power packed formulation to address the most common skin concerns & issues that arise in your 30’s. 


Facial Serum Nº30 (15ml)

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  • Ingredients: Rose Hip Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange and Carrot Seed


    • Lavender EO has many skin benefits, including potent antiseptic, antibacterial properties, to prevent skin congestion and breakouts, it’s also skin-soothing, stress-reducing & fights wrinkles.
    • Palmarosa EO is well-known for its hydrating properties & can assist in preventing inflammation & quelling dehydration. It also balances the sebum or oil production of your skin & helps remedy adult acne & breakouts.
    • Sweet Orange EO reduces dark spots & blemishes, fights off free radicals to prevent premature skin aging, boosts circulation in the skin & promotes cell growth and collagen synthesis. It also helps to shrink large pores & firm skin (astringent).
    • Carrot Seed Oil repairs skin damage, relieves irritation, tones & tightens the skin contour to prevent sagging. It also serves as a natural protectant from the damaging UV sun rays.


     Use in the morning and night on freshly cleansed skin. Apply 5-6 drops and massage into your skin for up to a minute. Don't forget to include your neck, decolletage, and surrounding areas. Allow the serum to soak in for 2-3 minutes before applying moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup.

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