Revitalize with the Lemongrass Bath Soak whenever you are feeling under the weather, or after a weekend of  "too much fun"; the essential vitamins and minerals will help restore your body detox while you relax. (8oz)


This Lemongrass Bath Soak is a powerful detox! The concentrated formula of lemongrass, baking soda & Epsom salt, along with turmeric and rosemary helps to promote detoxification through the pores. 


Ingredients: Epsom Salt,  Baking Soda,Turmeric Root, Rosemary Powder, Lemon Grass Powder, Lemon Grass Oil



  • The Tea Bag

    Some of our bath soaks have real flower petals, buds, & herbs.  Included with each Bath Soak is a muslin reusable "teabag" to make the experience of cleaning the tub easier. Simply spoon the desired amount into the teabag & allow the teabag to soak in your tub. After your bath simply empty the teabag and rinse. Hang to dry. 

    Tip: Because our bath soaks contain concentrated Organic ingredients some of them (the ones containing turmeric, namely the Sore Muscle Soak & the Lemongrass Detox) may leave a slight yellow tint on the bathtub. To remove this easily (& Organically)simply use white vinegar & baking soda, leave on 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.