Beauty by Apothecary is a small family-owned business out of McKinney, TX founded by Cristina Bruneau and Suzanna Dupuy 1 year ago. We hand craft each of our products from pure, organic and all-natural ingredients to bring you the very best that Mother Earth has to offer in the form of personal care products.

While we all do our part to keep the country safe, we are especially concerned about our seniors during this time. As the most at-risk group, they are in strict isolation and unable to see their family or friends. We can only imagine how scared and alone they feel and we want to do everything we can within our power to keep them safe as well as spread some joy and hope during these uncertain times.

Beauty By Apothecary: Silver Lining Initiative

A project started by Beauty by Apothecary to spread the love and bring encouragement to people as they social-distance and do their part to stop the spread of this virus.

With our senior citizens in mind, we wanted to create something that could get them engaged and bring a smile to their faces. Music is universal and we wanted to use it as the powerful tool it is to bring people together and brighten their day and their spirits. We created a video montage of the song “What a Wonderful World,” with collaborations from musicians and singers from all over to show that no-one is alone during this time. Watch the video HERE or on our Instagram @beautybyapothecary.

What is the Silver Lining Initiative?

We’ve also developed our new ‘Stay Healthy Hand Cleanser’ to do our part in helping the community. Keep your hands clean, kill germs, and do your part to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. With our Silver Lining Initiative, we are donating 45 6oz bottles of our Stay Healthy Hand Cleanser to seniors and retirement communities, and for every 5 bottles sold we are donating 1 to help make sure our seniors have what they need to keep them safe. Help us donate to those in need by ordering one today!

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