Cristina Bruneau is the Founder of Beauty by Apothecary, a 100% naturally pure skincare collection designed for anyone looking for high-quality truly organic skincare and authentic remedies to nurture the body.

Launched in 2018, Beauty by Apothecary brand was inspired by a story of tragedy turned into treasure. Cristina’s daughter suffered from kidney failure which required a transplant. As her mother, Cristina was a suitable donor and immediately started to research natural holistic remedies to ensure optimal health and a chemical-free lifestyle for their now shared kidneys. The kidneys play key roles in body function including filtering the blood and getting rid of waste products. Cristina’s mission was to find alternatives and avoid the chemicals o en found in medications and commercial products.

Through research and diligence, her home and healthcare regimens became chemical-free, toxin-free, and all-natural. Ever evolving, Cristina had many requests to share the successful handcrafted products and Beauty by Apothecary was born!

With a successful launch and an exciting first year, Suzanna Dupuy became a Partner and Co-Founder of Beauty by Apothecary in early 2019. With her passion for health and beauty, Suzanna has a 16-year history of experience with high-end skincare brands. Connecting with Cristina was a match made in heaven! Their mutual vision to create a brand of high-quality, truly organic skincare products is simple, authentic, chemical and filler-free, with potency and efficacy we can all depend on.

Providing Top Quality, Organic Skincare